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theres only so much to write a book about myself :p im a dedicated young writer who wants to make it to the top and with the grace of the lord i will

How to Tell If Your Relationship Will Survive the Holidays

haha so true

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Listen. Is that the sound of jingle bells? Or another relationship shattering under the pressure of the holidays? In the potent end-of-year mix of expectation, joy and stress, many relationships will be tested…and found wanting.

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She drove down, across up the other side of the road. the road grew thin with distance the leaves whispered natures secrets to the wind. night climbed over dawns sheet and the fog covered it up with thick clear air and ghostly  grey clouds. frankly she didn’t care where she was going she just drove.

wind roared outside her car and the dark clouds hovering above her car almost covered the moon like a blanket. the car came to a halt in the middle of the twisted endless road. shed driven so fast and for so long that she didn’t even know where she was.

“argh!: she banged her fists on the steering and buried her face in her hands, hot tears streaming like a waterfall on her rosy cheeks there were no words worthy enough to explain the partially immutable pain that took over her heart. whoever said love kills slowly should be given a Grammy, she thought as icy daggers penetrated her chest, cutting through her flesh and ripping the  nerves in her heart. love sucks, she didn’t want to love again, she sobbed and wiped her tears with the back of her palm. wiping the continuous flow of tears that dripped on replay. crying made it hurt less, sure it didn’t solve anything but it wad the only way she found.

forcing her gaze through her windscreen, the moon sent turbulent rays bouncing on the planet.she felt like everything was judging her, it was like the moon glared at her harshly and the trees gossiped with the wind about her. she had to do something, what it was she didnt know, but only time would tell if she would figure out a solution.